How to stop overthinking and just start doing things.

One day you wake up and are very inspired to complete the tasks you have on your daily to-do, and as you freshen up and ready for the work and the moment you start the first task you got into the zone of overthinking, and then comes procrastination and again the to-do list remains as it is at the end of the day, as usual.

So why do we overthink things?

If you are an overthinker have you ever asked yourself this question “why do I overthink”?

Well, thinking is basic human nature and we think when it’s time to decide, but when we just think about it and get stuck in our head and do not take the decision(action) it gets us in the overthinking zone.

So, if you overthink every little thing, every little thought then you should read this.

If you are an overthinker then you probably know that it hurts our brain by overthinking every day and on every little thing. So, how can we stop it, let’s dive in step by step?

So you should have the following things with you to overcome the overthinking habit.

1. Second Mobile.

2. Three Diaries.

3. Spotify App.

4. Pomodoro Clock.

5. Earplug.

1. Second Mobile

Now, first of all, if possible (not necessary) buy the new phone which will be your work phone in which you will only have apps necessary for your job. No social media apps, no YouTube, no OTT apps, only work apps. And if purchasing a new mobile is not possible then keep your phone on silent and in vibrate mode for calls so you will only handle mobile if there are any calls.

2. Three Diaries.

Take the three diaries, and name them one by one. The first one will be the working diary which will be on the working desk(use will be explained later), the second will be free mind writing, and the last one will be a daily journal.

Now, in the first diary or we will say desk diary or work diary, we will be writing our work tasks. So when you sit on your chair to start the work, the first thing you will do is write down the date on the page and then write every task you have to do at work that day. And then strike out the task one by one when it is done. Keep the work/desk diary on your work table for the next day. By doing this two things will happen, the first is when you write down the task as soon as you sit down on your work chair you will be clear of what you have to do so you will not get stuck thinking what should I do or where should I start or what should I do next. And the second is as you will strike out the task you will get a feeling of accomplishment and you will get motivated to do the next task.

The second diary which we will be calling a free mind writing a diary. This diary will be with you wherever you go. So when you got overwhelmed or you start overthinking take out this diary write down today’s date and start writing everything I mean every little thing no matter if it is embarrassing or doesn’t feel right or like anything don’t forget this diary is with you no one will read it so don’t think of anything just write everything. This act will empty your mind on paper and make your mind light and will wipe off your negative thoughts at that moment and will make you feel relaxed. And then after that, you can analyze what got you started overthinking. Trust me, doing this activity will make you feel awesome. You can even write in it every day that’s not the problem you will thank yourself after a few months or years.

The third diary which we will be calling a daily journal diary. You will need this diary at the very end of your day when all of your tasks either it’s personal or professional tasks are over and you are sitting on the sofa/couch and staring at your mobile. So take a minute or 5 at the end and take out this diary and write the date. After that, you will make three sections not more than that, and don’t overthink like what more can I add to this. Just three sections, that’s all you will need. So we will be calling the first section ‘How my day was spent?’. In this section, you will write everything you have done in your day like going to the office, working on three tasks or four tasks in the office, what were those tasks, how did you commute to the office, what have you done while on the commute, etc. you got the idea. By doing this you will get an idea of how your day was spent and on what task you spent the most time on and also how you wasted your time. Again don’t think my grammar should be right, my phrases should be right, the diary will be with you no one’s gonna read it. The second section will be on gratitude. Appreciate three things, it can be as simple as I thank god or I thank divine energy for giving me a new day a new opportunity or I thank farmers and my mom for giving me food, no worries you can repeat it every day. By doing this it will make you feel positive. And the last section will be on affirmations. Write down three affirmations, by doing this right before going to sleep, the thoughts created by affirming will get embedded in your subconscious mind which will make you confident in your life.

3. Spotify app.

Now, if not, install the Spotify app on your laptop/desktop and search for study music or silent music, or work music anything you are comfortable with. While working listen to this music, by listening to this music you will stay focused and will make you less distractible.

4. Pomodoro Clock.

While you work straight for 1,2 or 3 hours it makes your concentration low and less productive. So the Pomodoro is one of the best techniques for high concentration and high productivity. While you can download it on mobile, it will distract you as other mobile app notifications will attract you towards them, or the feeling of let’s take a break and scroll notification for refreshing the mood. So to avoid this buy the simple Pomodoro clock a physical one. Usually, this technique is 25 mins to 5 mins which is 25 mins work 5 mins break, but you can customize it according to you which makes you comfortable like 45 mins work and 25 mins break is the one that works for me, so find it for yourself. And while in the break you can do a quick exercise such as jumping and or pushups, etc., or stare at the trees, sit quietly for 5 mins, or any hobby you like. This will refresh your mind and will make you focus on work.

5. Earplug.

While you are in the bed ready for sleep, just before sleep only for 5 mins not more than that, put earplugs in your ear, and just sit comfortably for 5 mins doing meditation focusing on the breath or the noise that you can listen to. By putting earplugs in your ear it will get rid of the nuisance around you while meditating. And by meditating you will get a clear idea of life, what you want to do or what you don’t want to do you will get the clarity of your life path.

These are the methods by which you can try to stop overthinking. But in the end, I must tell you using these methods not too sincerely you cannot stop overthinking so, at last, it depends on you how serious you are and how sincerely you work on these methods.

Even though you have a problem or any problem, you can mail me at and or DM me on IG @theatharvalawate.

Thank You for reading and also don’t forget to share with those who overthink the things.

Originally published at on January 3, 2022.




Hi, I am Atharva the creative Engineer. l write about Cybersecurity/Tech, Personal Finance, Counselling/Motivation. Finservedge, Digiservedge are my websites.

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Atharva Lawate

Atharva Lawate

Hi, I am Atharva the creative Engineer. l write about Cybersecurity/Tech, Personal Finance, Counselling/Motivation. Finservedge, Digiservedge are my websites.

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